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All Handy Steps to Paint Cell Phone Cases by Yourself

We all like our cell phones because we admit that a cell phone can do so many useful things and profits for us. Everyone uses their cell phone to do their works as well and they can’t separate their cell phones from their personal lives too. Therefore, there are so many types of cell phones that we see in stores because every single year we can see many new cell phones from some of big communication companies. If you are interested with this information then you need to check out here. We need to protect our cell phones with their cases. There are so many different types of cell phone thus there are also many different options for your cell phone cases, you can visit their website here


It is crucial to pick one of cell phone cases which fit you’re the size of your actual cell phone. There are also many people who want to decorate their boring cell phone cases with some of brilliant creative ideas. Actually, we can also order for some of customize cell phone cases from some of online store. However, if we can do it by ourselves then we can save our money for it. People also have their imaginations and most of them want to create something that they like on their personal item such as a cell phone case. You need few of tools such the acrylic paint, painting brush, sponge, alcohol and a clear cell phone case. Basically, we suggest you to use a clear phone case because it will be much easier for you to paint on a clear cell phone case.


It doesn’t have basic color so you don’t need to worry if you make a little mistake on it. You must clean your clear phone case just before you paint on it. You can use pure alcohol to remove some of micro particles that you may have on your clear cell phone case. You also need to apply a primary color such as the basic color of your painting project. Normally, people will choose the white as the basic color on their clear phone case because the neutral color such as white is very helpful. You can use a tiny sponge to mix another color gently on the surface of your cell phone case. If you want to get soft color then you need to mix and match it nicely. You have to make sure that the paint that you use on your cell phone case is good so it will not washed out by water. 

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